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July 2, 2014

We address issues with eco-friendly options – Construction Times

As the Government of India has planned to treat river Ganga, will you tap the opportunity in bidding process to redevelop it?

Rather than speaking about bidding for some projects, i would like to point to the larger issue of getting our rivers clean. It will have a much larger impact on society, economy and automatically on business. I would say it is an excellent step by government of India to take up the Ganga cleaning project, which will ensure sustenance of civilisation as these rivers like Nile and Yellow river are civilisation rivers, millions of people over centuries have settled and civilisations emerged due to these rivers. Obviously they impact the economics of whole nation. The cleaning decision itself opens up a huge long term opportunity in which all the companies, including VIL must participate and contribute their bit.

Detail on your R&D activities.
We have been working on different technologies for sewage, effluent treatment. Also the minimum ecological flow required to be maintained in the rivers to sustain its self-rejuvenation capacity is critical, as all external supports can help only when her own sustenance capacity will be restored. We are also working on the core water supply mechanisms in terms of reduction of non-revenue water, pressure maximization utilizing level surveys and tank capacities, quick speed house-service connection etc are some of our core focus in R&D. We believe such expertise, in some form or the other, will be applicable in river water applications as well.

Detail on your projects with the govt. What is the difference you feel while undertaking a govt project and private ones?
We are doing water reuse on PPP basis for 200 MLD STP with the govt. Apart from 24×7 water supply for full town in Nagpur and Magdi in Karnataka. Water/sewage being state subject most of our projects are with govt. These projects need to be handled like a social projects rather than commercial ones which are with private companies. This is the major difference, as stake holders – citizens are directly connected to you.

How VIL makes it products eco-friendly? Explain its efficiency.
Our solutions are focused on larger issues and by addressing them like minimum ecological flow maintenance, the ecology of river self-rejuvenation helps us to be more effective in proposing solutions. Our solutions fix accountability apart from being, self-sustaining financial model with enforceable financial penalties and incentives related to performance and service levels.

On the sustainability front, we are working to take up the methane gas generation in the STPs that we are building, working on different digester systems technologies, to ensure that we remain an active proponent of CDM in the waste water sector.

How VIL is witnessing this market since launched till today?
We are in water sector since five years, and we are seeing it emerging as mature market with expectations of a holistic solution rather than piecemeal EPC works, this is a major change being seen in recent years.

Any new products you have launched this year or will be launching?
Its a continuous process of learning and applications, many more tie ups, discussions and possible proposals to improve efficiency and costs are in the pipeline and will be implemented with time.

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