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Business Divisions

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd. (VIL) specializes in three Infrastructure sectors – Water, Waste Water and Transportation. VIL has been pioneering innovative PPP models in water infrastructure  sector. VIL philosophy of creating value by removal of inefficiencies and  ensuring win-win for all the stakeholders is in tune with the social nature of water projects. Understanding and  focus on implementation details and awareness of last mile problems and their mitigation is strength of VIL to create value by removing inefficiencies from the system.


The rapidly urbanizing Indian population is expected to reach a figure close to 600 million urban people by 2031…


Waste Water

In contrast the demand for fresh water is growing rapidly, estimated to go from 813 BCM today to 1,447 BCM by 2050…



Roads, the predominant mode of transportation in India carry almost 80 percent of the country’s passenger traffic…